the most critical relationships within an organization are between a leader and team members

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Developed through his research among Utah Business Magazine's "Best Businesses to Work For," Dr. Merrill's Relationship Factors—Partnership, Acceptance, Compassion and Evocation (PACE)—are foundational to the leader/team member relationship.

When leaders in your organization adopt Dr. Merrill’s Relationship Factors into their own leadership styles, your team members will have:

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VERITAS strengthens the critical leader/team member relationship by:


About Dr. Merrill and VERITAS

Dr. Steven S. Merrill holds degrees in organizational leadership, business, and mathematics. He also has held leadership positions as a university administrator, in logistics and sales, and as a veteran naval officer.

Throughout his career, Dr. Merrill has been interested in leadership and in understanding what traits and practices support the making of an effective leader. His own real-world experience and subsequent doctoral research in this area have guided him in identifying four powerful Relationship Factors. By strengthening interpersonal relationships in the business world, these factors increase employee engagement, job satisfaction, and personal and organizational well-being.

In Latin, veritas means truth. Dr. Merrill selected Veritas Leadership Research & Consulting as the name of his company to remind him and others to always seek and embrace true principles. Few things bring him greater professional satisfaction than helping men and women become outstanding leaders in their organizations. These leaders lift not just their teams and your organization, they also lift their own relationships and the world around them.

Dr. Steven S. Merrill
Ed.D, Argosy University
M.B.A, University of Phoenix
B.S., Mathematics, University of Utah
Ltjg, United States Navy (combat veteran)



Dr. Merrill is eager to help you and your organization enjoy stronger leader/team member working relationships. Contact him for a free initial assessment.


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